Applied Combustion and Equipment is experienced in utilizing industrial equipment to optomize boiler and steam systems.  This experience combined with quality industrial manufacturing relationships results in ideal customer solutions.

Equipment Options & Solutions


  • Industrial Burner Parts Stocking Supplies
  • Flame Scanner and Combustion Products (including Fireye, Honeywell and Siemens)
  • Maxon Safety Shutoff Valves and Process Burners
  • Clark Reliance Water Level Systems
  • FM approved Burner and Boiler safety limit devices (including Ashcroft)
  • Flow Control Valves for steam, water and fuel
  • Flow Meters for steam, water and fuel
  • Static Pressure & DP Transmitters
  • Damper Control Actuators
  • Variable Frequency Drives for fan and pump applications

Applied Combustion & Equipment